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Seed and Flourish Naturopathy uses a wholistic approach to

helping you achieve health and vitality.

We use natural herbal medicines, nutrition, diet and lifestyle to

help you achieve wellbeing.

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Seed and Flourish Naturopathy takes a holistic and integrative approach to help you find a natural way to support your health and vitality.

We use natural botanical and nutritional medicines along with dietary and lifestyle advice to help you achieve balance and wellbeing.

Convenient online Naturopathic consultations are available, and we have special interest in Pregnancy and Fertility support, Pre and Post conception care, Hormonal health, Digestive issues and Thyroid health. 


What we Do


We have a passion for helping you manage your health naturally using a holistic and integrative approach.


Using botanical medicines, high quality practitioner-only supplements and nutrients along with diet and lifestyle modifications, we tailor our approach and treatments to

your unique needs. 

Naturopathy can support so many areas and aspects of your health. We'd love to help you.

Naturopathic medicine
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Fertility  &  Pregnancy

Helping to support you to achieve the healthiest possible pregnancy and child is one of our biggest passions. 


Nicole is an experienced Fertility Naturopath who supports women and their partners through all areas of Fertility, Motherhood, Pregnancy and Post-Natal care. Nicole uses an integrative & individualised approach taking into consideration your individual and unique needs and circumstances in order to optimise your fertility. 

If you are seeking support with:

Hormonal rebalancing

Pre-conception care

Natural fertility support

IVF/assisted conception support

Pregnancy, breastfeeding & Post-Natal care 

we're here to support and guide you along the way with our Naturopathic Fertility consultations.

Hormones & Thyroid Health

Our goal is to help you to restore and rebalance your hormones at any stage of your life. From the teenage years through to early adulthood, motherhood and our fertile years, peri-menopause and menopause and beyond Naturopathic care can support you in finding hormonal balance and start to feel your best again.


Nicole has extensive experience in helping women with:





Pre-conception Pregnancy and Post Partum Care


Menstrual cycle issues

Hormonal acne

Thyroid conditions eg.

Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves disease
We use natural, evidence-based botanical medicines and nutrients, along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help you get back to balance. 

See what hormonal conditions Naturopathy

may be useful for...

Healthy hormones
Digestive issues

Digestion & Gut Health

Our digestive system is the link between our outside world and our internal health so improving your digestive health has far reaching benefits for your whole health and vitality. 


The microbiome also plays a very important role in your health by helping to control digestion and benefit your immune system, moods, hormones as well as many other areas of health.

Nicole has extensive experience in helping with:



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Food Intolerances

Heartburn & Reflux

Bloating & Gas 

Ivf  Support

If your Fertility journey includes IVF or Assisted Reproductive Technologies, we can help to support you in preparation for,  during, or after your treatment. 

We encourage open communication and collaboration with your specialists and medical professionals in the interests of success and safety.

For support on your journey book a Fertility Naturopathic Consultation here

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About  Me

Nicole Peasnell

Nicole xx

Hi there! 

I'm Nicole, a Bachelor-qualified Naturopath with over 17 years experience helping my clients to achieve better health.  


I'm a mum and lover of all things in nature. I became a Naturopath after healing my own health struggles with Adrenal burnout and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  Naturopathic care has made a huge difference to my life with much more lasting energy and vitality, and greater health overall.

I'm passionate about all areas of health but have extensive experience in Natural Fertility and Reproductive health, Preconception care, IVF Support and Pregnancy care, Hormonal support, Digestive Health, Autoimmune and Thyroid health. 

If you're ready to discover the reasons for your health issues, investigate what your underlying cause may be, or make the first step to better health and vitality, book an online Naturopathy or Fertility consultation or get in touch for more information. 


See you soon,

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