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Initial Consultations

Natural Medicine

Initial Naturopathy Consult

Initial Online Naturopathic Consultation.


At this consultation we discuss your health concerns, take an in-depth clinical case history, provide understanding and guidance on your condition or health concerns, establish a treatment plan, and provide next steps for you to start your journey to reaching your health goals.


We take a root-cause approach to help uncover the cause of your health concerns to help you improve your health for the long-term.

60 min, $249

Healthy and happy woman
Couple wanting a baby

Initial Fertility Consult

Initial Online Fertility Naturopathic Consultation.

At this Consultation we will discuss your fertility health concerns and aspirations.

We take an in-depth clinical case history,

provide understanding and guidance in your case as to what may be the barriers or underlying causes for your issues.


Together we establish a treatment plan using natural medicines, diet and lifestyle support, and provide the next steps for you to start your journey to reaching your fertility aspirations. This consultation is suitable for an individual or couple.

90 min, $299

Pregnant women in good health

Follow-Up Consultations


Return Naturopathy Consult

Return Online Naturopathic Consultation. 


At this appointment we assess your progress, consider and review any testing or results, provide further diet and lifestyle support, and plan your continuing care, and adjust your treatment plan as needed.


Return Consult 30 min, $135

Extended Consult 45 min, $150

pregnant woman

Return Fertility Consult

Return Fertility Online Naturopathic Consultation.

At this appointment we assess your progress, consider any testing, review your results, provide further diet and lifestyle support, plan your continuing care, and adjust treatment plan as needed.


45 min, $160

Fertility image


Happy family with baby

DNA Genomic Analysis

(Fertility) Package

This package is ideal for those who plan to conceive, those wanting to optimise health in pregnancy, or those  who have experienced issues with regards to conception and pregnancy. 


Package includes:


GrowBaby genetic test designed to help identify maternal health risks and the functioning of key biological pathways that influence maternal and foetal health.

b  75 min Online Consultation to discuss the results and provide personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement interventions to optimise health outcomes for mother and baby.

b Seed and Flourish Pre-Conception Care E-Book valued at $19.95


Test & Consult Package: $590

Note:  The test results take 4-6 weeks. Results consult book for 4-6 weeks time. Package has 6 mth expiry from purchase date.


Baby clothes and toys
Baby's feet

Pre-Conception Care Package

Designed to take you through 12 weeks of Naturopathic pre-conception care.


A collection of consultations designed to guide you through maximising fertility by supporting key areas of fertility health and helping to prepare your body for conception and beyond.


Key areas we may focus on include:

b Egg and sperm quality

b Uterine health

Identifying ovulation & your fertile window

b Hormonal balance

Diet, lifestyle and environmental factors known to negatively impact fertility

b  Male factor fertility support

Package includes:

1 x Initial & 3 x Return Fertility Online consultations (suitable for single or couple)

 Analysis of recent pathology/testing Recommendations for relevant testing

 Analysis of your diet throughout the package

Cycle tracking chart

b Seed and Flourish Preconception

Care E-Book valued at $26.95

b Access to prescribed Practitioner-only supplementation 

Package: $750

* 6 mth expiry from purchase date

Pregnant woman

Discovery Call

Mobile phone

Discovery Call

Making the decision to take control of your health can be a big deal and can leave you with lots of questions.


If you are unsure about which consultation is right for you or what we can do to help you, we offer a complimentary 10 min Discovery phone call so that we can discuss your unique needs and circumstances, and let you know if we can help you. 


To arrange this complimentary service, please call us on 0411 813 993, drop us an email at, or book a time here.

10 min



Ask an expert


Tired unhealthy thyroid

Thyroid Revamp Package

Want to know more about your

Thyroid story? Want to understand why you're not feeling your best and ready to feel vital again? Our Thyroid Revamp package is designed to understand what your thyroid root cause may be, why you feel the way you do or are experiencing the symptoms you have, and work toward supporting and improving Thyroid health, your symptoms and your overall wellbeing.


Package includes:


Initial Naturopathic Consultation, case history & review of current blood testing, treatment plan including arrangement of any further testing if needed. 

b  45 min Follow Up appointment to review progress, test review as needed, dietary review and treatment plan. 

b   Access to Practitioner-Only supplements prescribed


Package: $360

* 3 mth expiry from purchase date


Carefree healthy thyroid

How our Appointments Work

Simply book your Online Naturopath appointment via our booking page, or by contacting the clinic

Receive your Zoom or Coviu link

Have your consultation 

Your personalised treatment plan will be designed and sent to you

Any supplements required will be arranged and sent to you

Start feeling better


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