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Increasing your chances of Conception and Pregnancy is possible through Naturopathic Fertility Support

Our Founder & Fertility Naturopath, Nicole has over 20 years experience offering expert and comprehensive natural approaches to improving Fertility, Hormone and Reproductive Health, Pregnancy and Post-Natal care. ​
Using a comprehensive and integrative approach we tailor our support to your unique needs and circumstances no matter what stage of your fertility you're at.

Our Naturopathic Fertility support treatments and consultations are suitable for all – for those preparing for parenthood with preconception care; to single, couple or same sex fertility journeys, as well as those who have been trying but have been unsuccessful so far. 


Can our Fertility Naturopath help you?

Optimising fertility often requires us to look beyond the reproductive system and consider the whole body along with any underlying factors that could be reducing your chance of success. 

As a Naturopathic Fertility specialist, Nicole works with individuals or couples who:

Nicole Peasnell Naturopath
  • Are trying to conceive naturally 

  • Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • Have been trying to conceive without success

  • Want to prepare for pregnancy or undertake pre-conception care first 

  • Have experienced miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, or implantation failure

  • Have male factor infertility concerns such as poor sperm quality, count, motility or high DNA Fragmentation

  • Are single, coupled, or in a same-sex partnership, using sperm or egg donor

  • Are planning to undertake IVF, IUI or embryo transfer and want to improve their chances 

  • Would like to improve the dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors that may be preventing pregnancy from occurring

  • Have hormonal or reproductive concerns and would like help falling pregnant. These can include:

    • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

    • Endometriosis

    • Absent, heavy or irregular periods

    • Fibroids

    • Ovarian Cysts

    • Period pain

    • PMS

    • Thyroid disorders : Under or overactive thyroid, subclinical hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Graves Disease.

  • Nicole is also a Naturopath for Pregnancy and can provide continued support to you throughout Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Post-natal care.

How does our Naturopathic Fertility Specialist help you?

Increasing fertility often requires more than just looking at hormones. Our fertility is influenced by many factors like diet, lifestyle, environment, your stress levels, nutrient status, toxin load, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as influences affecting sperm, egg and uterine health. 


As a Fertility Naturopath Nicole helps you to unravel what may be influencing your fertility and provide support for these. Some of these areas include:


We assess your diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors to identify any barriers to success, and provide realistic and tailored guidance to give you the best chance of a successful conception and pregnancy using my Naturopathic Fertility treatments.  


We wont tell you to "stop stressing" because its not that simple or helpful. Instead, we will support you with managing stress, regulating the nervous system, and building a toolkit to increase resilience to stress because it is such an important factor for hormonal health, fertility and conception.


Apps are not always accurate. We help you to understand your unique cycle stages, fertility signs, hormonal signals, cycle patterns, best timing for intercourse, how you can support a healthy menstrual cycle, ovulation and hormone health. 


We provide Naturopathic Fertility support treatment along with dietary, nutritional and herbal medicine recommendations using Practitioner-only high quality supplements and tinctures. These are updated at each consultation along the way to suit whatever stage you're at and to continue to strive for success.


Learn what you can do to improve egg quality and sperm quality when trying for a baby - either naturally, or when considering Assisted Reproduction with IVF, IUI, or Embryo transfer.


Learn what you can do to assist in preparing the uterine lining for implantation for natural conception or with assisted reproduction.


Opportunities are provided for further investigations or functional tests to understand where we can make the biggest impact to improving your hormonal, fertility and overall health.


Each fertility journey is different. We want you to be heard, feel empowered, understood and supported while improving your health and fertility.   ​

We can help support through IVF, IUI or Embryo Transfer

As a Naturopathic Fertility specialist, I have helped many singles and couples to enhance their fertility safely whilst preparing for, and undertaking IVF or ART.  

Some of the areas I work with include:

  • Poor egg quality 

  • Poor sperm quality

  • Recurrent implantation loss, or recurrent miscarriage

  • Low Progesterone

  • Excess Estrogen or Estrogen dominance

  • Implantation issues

  • Thin uterine lining

  • Low AMH or follicle count

  • IVF/IUI/ovulation induction

  • Poor IVF response (sometimes referred to as “poor responders”)

When working with you through IVF or ART I coordinate our treatments so they are updated via specifically-timed consultations in-line with your IVF schedule. By doing this I can tailor your support to be compatible with whatever stage of IVF you are at and with the medications that will be used during your IVF treatment. 

I aim for you and your IVF specialist to be comfortable with the support you are being given from our Fertility Naturopath. 

Fertility & Hormone testing we offer

As a Fertility Naturopath, I can arrange and investigate your Fertility and Hormonal concerns using various testing methods.  


This method provides a deep insight into your hormones, where imbalances lie, and how your body manages them. We can provide salivary hormone and DUTCH testing depending on needs.


Quality semen analysis including DNA Fragmentation Index can be arranged.


Providing in depth information about which nutrient deficiencies or heavy metals may be impacting your health.


Providing insight for further support, environmental, dietary and lifestyle modifications.


Cycle tracking and analysis matched with blood testing or functional testing.


Supportive testing to provide a deeper understanding on areas that may require further support based on your genetics.


Arrange new or consider previous blood testing to guide tailored and individualised support.

Did You Know?

Egg and Sperm Quality Matter! Sperm regenerate every 90 days or so, so making improvements to your nutrition and lifestyle now can influence the quality of sperm and its DNA in just 3 months time. That is good news for your fertility but also the health of your baby to come.
While the ovum (eggs) has a longer journey in the making, the last 12 weeks influences the final stages of development, meaning you can improve egg quality over this time as well.

Given the right guidance, what you do in the 3 months prior to conception can quickly influence your fertility potential and improve egg and sperm quality and the health of your child to be.

Ready to start increasing your fertility now?

Book in a Fertility Consultation, or our 4 mth Preconception Care Package to get you started, or check our our full range of Fertility Services below.

Our Fertility Services

Our consultations are held with your needs firmly at the centre of care, with your Naturopathic Fertility treatment tailored specifically to you, and your unique circumstances, while empowering you to increase your fertility naturally, enjoy a healthy pregnancy and bring home a healthy baby.
Consultations are conducted online so you can attend from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, and from the comfort and convenience of your location. Fertility consultations and the Preconception care package allow for both partners to attend if desired. DNA Grow Baby is per person.

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