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Herbal medicine


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness, taking into consideration your mental, physical and emotional health in order to restore balance to the body.


Naturopathy can help you to identify what the underlying causes are for your health concerns, as well as focusing on preventative care for your future wellbeing.


So much in our bodies are linked.

Naturopaths take a more holistic approach of looking through the lens that each body system does not operate independently, but is linked and having a positive effect in one area can influence a positive effect in other areas as well.


When we work to improve the underlying causes, and factor in a multi- system approach to health we can improve not only your current health, but lay the foundations for better future health, vitality and wellbeing. 

See what conditions Naturopathy could help with here:


Nicole is an experienced Naturopath who will take an in-depth health history, identify your goals & needs, help you understand what is happening with your health concerns, and design a treatment plan to help you obtain your result.


We use nutritional and botanical medicines, along with diet & lifestyle recommendations to help you overcome your health challenges.


Further testing may be recommended in some circumstances to better understand your health, fine-tune and personalise treatment.

Learn more about the types of tests we can order for you here:

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