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What we do


Herbal medicine


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness, taking into consideration your mental, physical and emotional health in order to restore balance to the body.


Naturopathy can help you to identify what the underlying causes are for your health concerns, as well as focusing on preventative care for your future wellbeing.


So much in our bodies are linked.

Naturopaths take a more holistic approach of looking through the lens that each body system does not operate independently, but is linked and having a positive effect in one area can influence a positive effect in other areas as well.


When we work to improve the underlying causes, and factor in a multi- system approach to health we can improve not only your current health, but lay the foundations for better future health, vitality and wellbeing. 

Learn more about what Naturopathy can help with here


Nicole is an experienced Naturopath who will take an in-depth health history, identify your goals & needs, help you understand what is happening with your health concerns, and design a treatment plan to help you obtain your result.


We use nutritional and botanical medicines, along with diet & lifestyle recommendations to help you overcome your health challenges.


Further testing may be recommended in some circumstances to better understand your health, fine-tune and personalise treatment.

Learn more about the types of tests we can order for you here

IVF  & Pregnancy

Fertility Consult


It is possible to improve your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy and child. Our Fertility Naturopath consultations are designed to assist individuals or couples on their journey to pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

We use a holistic and integrative approach which is tailored to each individual or couple’s unique needs and circumstances and what stage of your fertility journey you're on. 

Optimising fertility often requires us to look beyond the reproductive system and consider the whole body and any underlying factors that may be reducing your chance of success. 

We have access to functional testing that may be helpful in gaining insight into you hormonal or fertility health and help you with a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to you and your needs. ​

Explore what testing may be helpful for you here


We are experienced in supporting women and men through the Fertility and Reproductive journey, and beyond.


Some of the areas we can assist with include:


Pre-Conception care 

Optimising Fertility

Tracking ovulation and Fertile signs

Hormonal Balancing

Preparation & Support for IVF or ART



Post-partum support


Some of the areas we consider for Optimising fertility include:

Support of Egg, Uterine &

Semen health

Hormonal balance

Regular and healthy ovulation

Regular and heathy periods

Management of stress and sleep

Diet, exercise and lifestyle factors

Other associated health conditions eg. PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Inflammation, Autoimmunity.

Structural issues that may be hindering conception


Nutrient balance

Microbiome health


Male fertility is just as important in the fertility journey as female fertility. The effect of diet, stress, lifestyle and the environment can have a large role to play in male fertility health and on semen quality.  


Naturopathic Fertility care aims to address these factors to improve the health of the male partner.

Our Naturopathic Fertility consultations are designed to work with one or both partners to optimise your chance of success. 

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