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lady with healthy glowing skin that has been supported with naturopathic skin care


Enhancing Skin Health through Naturopathy

Are you experiencing skin issues?
Are you at a loss as to what's causing break outs or skin issues?
Tried everything but still cant clear your skin?
Have you recently come off the Pill?
Do you think your acne could be hormonal?
Is your skin health affecting your self-esteem?

You're in the right place. At Seed & Flourish, our Brisbane-based Naturopath skin specialist uses a comprehensive and holistic approach to skin conditions and concerns 

How does a Naturopath help with skin conditions?

In Naturopathic medicine, skin conditions are often seen as an expression of what is happening inside the body. Imbalances going on inside of the body reflect outwardly often to the skin. 


The internal imbalances can be identified by your Naturopathic skin specialist:


  • How your diet is affecting you

  • How is your nutrient status

  • How balanced are the hormones

  • How much stress are you under

  • How healthy is the digestive system

  • Are you detoxing efficiently

  • Is the microbiome well balanced

  • Is your lifestyle affecting your overall health

  • Are you getting enough sleep

  • Is your lymphatic system working well

  • How healthy is the immune system


There can also be the impact of external factors such as:

  • Skin care routine

  • Environmental toxins

  • Exercise and its impact on skin health

As you can see it takes a comprehensive and skilled naturopathic approach to uncover the causes of skin concerns and provide solutions for improving skin health long-term. 

What skin conditions does our Skin health Naturopath see?

We assist with a spectrum of skin concerns. Some of the more common presentations include:

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Eczema

  • Dermatitis and perioral dermatitis

  • Hives

  • Psoriasis

  • Tinea and fungal infections

  • Sensitive skin

  • Allergic skin reactions

How does a Naturopathic Skin consult help?

We don’t just focus on the skin.

We want to understand your whole body. 


As a Naturopath for skin conditions, Nicole considers many factors that can play a role here. Gut, lymphatic, detox capacity and hormonal assessment is often at the forefront of our analysis along with diet, nutritional and lifestyle factors. 


Acne can be debilitating, isolating and have a huge impact on self-esteem and mood. Getting to the root cause of the acne is key to radiant and healthy skin, We delve into hormonal, cystic, painful acne by understanding your diet, lifestyle, habits, overall health, and environmental impact.  Naturopath acne care gives you a comprehensive approach to treatment that is much more than skin-deep. 


With Rosacea your Naturopath will consider diet and lifestyle but may also consider the microbial balance within the gut as conditions such as SIBO, bacterial overgrowth or parasitic infections may need to be assessed. Many nutrients are essential for skin health and will be considered to ensure your skin is getting what it needs to thrive. 


Understanding that sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema might stem from gut imbalances or immune system irregularities, our Naturopathic eczema approach aims to tackle sensitivity both externally and internally.

What approach does your Naturopath for skin conditions take?

We use a whole body, comprehensive approach to treating skin issues. There are many areas we will consider when considering what might be at play with your skin concerns.  All of these areas are important considerations for you on your path to glowing, radiant skin:

  • Gut, Lymphatic and Liver Function: all key areas for the body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate waste, so are required to be in good shape in order to improve skin health not just now but for the long-term.


  • Hormone Balance: Certain hormones can promote flares in skin conditions while others are considered helpful, so understanding your unique hormonal cycle can be effective for achieving hormonal harmony as well as improved skin health. 


  • Immune Function: In cases where skin conditions have an autoimmune component, we thoroughly assess nutrients and factors influencing the immune system and microbiome due to its significant role in immune balance.


  • Stress Management: Stress can wreak havoc on hormones, leaky gut, nutrient uptake, and our dietary and lifestyle habits – all of which impact skin health.


  • Nutrient Status: many important nutrients are required to maintain healthy skin. Ensuring your diet and intake is adequate as well as ensuring you have effective absorption of your nutrients aid your ability to gain long term improvements in skin care.


Need help with improving your Skin Health?

We offer comprehensive and individualised treatment plans using diet, nutritional advice, lifestyle advice and Practitioner-Only quality herbal and nutritional medicines to improve your skin health. 


Our goal is to guide you on the path to not only improving your skin health but in the process improving your health and vitality – inside and out.  

Our appointments are conducted online via telehealth so you can attend from anywhere in Australia and from the comfort of your location. 


If you’d like to access expert Naturopath gut health support please book in a Naturopathic consultation or consider booking in a free 10 minute Phone Chat with Nicole to discuss your health concerns and find out whether we can help you. 

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