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healthy lady with flat stomach helped by naturopathic digestive support


The Gut Balancing Act: A Natural Route to Digestive Wellness

Feeling embarrassed about your bloat?

Worrying that your gut health is off?

Having issues with constipation, diarrhoea, gas and cramps?

Been diagnosed with IBS or SIBO?

Feel like you look pregnant when you're not?

Avoiding socialising or eating out?

Experiencing food intolerances?

Living on a restricted diet?


You're not alone. Gut or Digestive issues are common but don't have to be normal for you. There is so much we can do to improve your digestive wellness and the benefits are vast. If you want to do something about improving your gut health naturally you’re in the right place.


Nicole is a highly experienced gut health Naturopath having helped many overcome their gut health concerns because her approach is to get to the root cause of what is causing your symptoms and work to provide a treatment care plan to restore harmonious digestive health.

It can be life changing!

Why is good gut health so important?

The digestive system plays a pivotal role in so many areas of our health from digestion to hormones, skin health, fertility and even weight control.


Much more than just somewhere you process your food, the digestive system is a powerhouse for your overall wellbeing.


Hippocrates' age-old adage, "all disease begins in the gut," encapsulates the essence of the digestive system's significance, and is worthy of support when things aren’t feeling right.

Why happens when gut health isn’t optimal?

Your gut—comprising a complex network of organs like the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, and large intestine—acts as the epicentre of nutrient absorption and processing. When in harmony, it diligently breaks down food into vital nutrients essential for health. An imbalance within this system can manifest with symptoms ranging from bloating, discomfort, gas, reflux or heartburn, through to the uncomfortable swing between constipation and diarrhoea.


Beyond its digestive role, the gut, via the gut microbiome, intricately influences broader body systems, including the immune, nervous, reproductive system and the brain. Disruptions in gut health might surface as brain fog, mood changes, increased anxiety, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, acne, rashes or eczema, frequent infections, and autoimmune flares. Having an imbalanced gut microbiome can play havoc with your motility, meaning you may be more prone to constipation or bacterial overgrowth such as SIBO. 


Given the importance of the microbiome to your digestive health as well as many other body systems, bringing back balance to the microbiome can help you to not only restore your digestive health but your overall health as well. 


One concern often raised is 'leaky gut syndrome'. This issue, where the intestinal lining can become more permeable, can lead to a cascade of health issues varying from increased inflammation, allergies, intolerances, autoimmune flares, bloating, gas, bowel habit changes, and even skin problems like acne or eczema. Several factors contribute to this condition, ranging from infections, toxins, chronic stress, to dietary choices and nutritional imbalances.


These disruptions can leave you feeling anxious, confused and can even affect your relationships and social life as you try to manage the embarrassment and discomfort you may feel.

How can a Gut Health Specialist Naturopath help?

Even with a healthy diet, an unhappy gut might hinder nutrient absorption, potentially leading to deficiencies despite healthy eating habits. And sometimes even good healthy food can make you feel worse when your gut is not functioning well. Having all areas of the digestive system working correctly is required to reap the full benefits of a nutritious diet and feel healthy and vital.

Worry not—there are natural ways to nurture your gut health


Embracing naturopathic approaches offers you a holistic solution toward restoring and maintaining gut balance. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our Naturopathic digestive health specialist approaches your gut health with personalised care, acknowledging your unique needs and requirements in the process.


Exploring and understanding the gut microbiome — the community of microbes residing within— forms a fundamental aspect of this journey. It's about cultivating an environment where a balanced microbiome functions harmoniously, benefiting your health in so many ways.

Distinguishing between food allergies and intolerances empowers individuals to gradually reintroduce diverse foods into their diet, free from worries of discomfort. We aim to help you to gain confidence and tolerance to increase the diversity of your diet,  allowing you greater freedom for eating out, socialising, enjoying food again and feeling better for it. The fundamental goal is to enjoy meals without fear or dread, allowing food to nourish and support the body rather than cause discomfort, bloating or distress.


Testing for leaky gut, conducted by a skilled gut health Naturopath, involves an intestinal permeability test. This diagnostic method aids in understanding the extent of damage and guides the formulation of an effective treatment plan.


Addressing a leaky gut naturally involves a comprehensive approach tailored to an individual's needs. A Naturopath, equipped with expertise in functional pathology testing, helps map out a healing journey, integrating dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies.

What are some underlying causes of poor gut health?

Our skilled Naturopathic digestive health specialist can assist in determining what the underlying cause of your digestive concerns may be, assessing areas such as:

  • Parasitic infections

  • Yeast / Fungal 
    overgrowth  eg. Candida

  • Bacterial overgrowth

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

  • Large Intestinal Dysbiosis

  • Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO)

  • Gut Microbiome health and imbalances

  • Leaky gut assessment

  • Gut motility assessment

  • Enzyme and acid production

  • Digestive capacity assessment

  • Inflammation and Sensitivities

  • Food allergies and intolerances

How does a Gut Health Naturopath help improve my digestive issues?

During your consultation our gut health specialist will collaborate with you to learn about you and your symptoms, and your medical history in order to understand the root cause of your concerns.


We conduct a comprehensive review of your diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors and explore the impact of these on your gut and overall health. From there we will assist you with your personalised treatment plan using diet and  lifestyle modifications, as well as nutritional and herbal medicines as required to bring back balance to your digestive system and overall wellbeing. Further testing may be recommended if appropriate.


Some of the tests we can provide to check your Gut health includes:


  • Functional digestive analysis

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool testing 

    • Parasite, Bacterial, Worm and Yeast analysis

    • Leaky Gut markers

    • Pancreatic enzyme output

    • Gut inflammation 

    • Gut immune function

  • Microbiome analysis

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) breath testing

  • Zonulin testing (for Intestinal permeability/Leaky gut)

  • Fungal or Yeast overgrowth

  • Hair Tissue Mineral testing (HTMA)

  • Food intolerance testing

  • Organic Acid test

  • Serum blood testing

Need help with improving your Digestive Health?

At Seed and Flourish, with the guidance of Nicole, our skilled Gut health Specialist Naturopath we can help you to unravel your gut health complexities.  We empower you to reclaim your digestive health naturally, so your balanced gut becomes the cornerstone of vitality and lasting health.


To understand why you are experiencing digestive concerns and find out how to get your gut health in a better place, please book in a Naturopathic consultation or our Banish SIBO Package. Our Gut health Brisbane Naturopath, Nicole offers Online Naturopath and Telehealth Naturopath consultations to allow you to access our services from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.


Not sure if we can help? Consider booking in a free 10 minute Phone Chat with Nicole to discuss your health concerns and find out whether we can help you. 

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Naturopathy Consultation

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