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How a Naturopath can support your Postnatal Recovery

Updated: May 7

A new mum asleep with newborn baby in arms

The postnatal journey is a time filled with both bliss and challenges. Amidst the overwhelming joy, there's also often a sense of exhaustion and uncertainty, leaving many new mothers feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with the whirlwind of emotions and physical changes.

Naturopathic medicine stands as a pillar of support during this transformative time, offering a holistic approach that addresses mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Having a Naturopath for postnatal recovery as part of your support team can provide you with natural solutions and guidance for many postnatal challenges.

Here are five ways integrating Naturopathic care into your perinatal journey can support you.

1. Recovery from childbirth

Post birth you may need additional support for tissue healing, bruising, swelling, and postpartum bleeding. Or you may need extra help with supporting your immunity and infection risk. Herbal and Nutritional medicines can be effective tools in aiding your recovery so you can get on with enjoying this time with your new baby.

2. Optimising Nutrition & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and Lactation are incredibly demanding times for your body when it comes to nutrition, with the Pregnancy and Birth often leaving new mums feeling exhausted, stressed and depleted.

Our goal is to offer tailored and realistic dietary guidance to help you thrive during this busy time, ensuring you receive the nourishment you need without feeling overwhelmed. Through the expertise of a Fertility and Postnatal Naturopath, we can assess your individual needs, identify any deficiencies through testing, and provide personalised support to optimise your nutrition both for you and your breastfeeding journey.

In addition to dietary support, lactation-safe herbal medicines can play a crucial role in enhancing milk production, optimising breastfeeding, and providing essential support for your energy levels, sleep, and mood. We understand the unique challenges of motherhood and aim to provide holistic solutions that empower you through this transformative journey with vitality and confidence.

3. Post Partum Weight Loss

For those who need extra support with postpartum weight loss a Naturopath can guide you with realistic diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations that help you shift weight in a healthy way so it is sustainable and provides adequate nutrition so as to not impact milk production for those who are breastfeeding.

4. Mood Support

Hormonal changes, nutritional status, sleep deprivation and the demands of a new baby can impact our mood post birth. A Postpartum Naturopath can provide a supportive role here by testing for and addressing levels of the key nutrients that impact mood, assisting with hormonal balance, supporting sleep and stress along with practical dietary, lifestyle and coping strategies. A Naturopath can also refer you to other professional health services when you need greater support.

5. Postnatal Fatigue

It’s little wonder with lack of sleep, new routines, anxieties and worries, post birth recovery and a brand new baby to care for that sometimes we can struggle with energy levels postnatally. A Postnatal Naturopath can help assess and optimise nutrition for energy production, guide you on strategies to conserve energy, sleep as well as possible, nourish yourself adequately, and offer recommendations using herbal or nutritional support for improving energy and vitality.

As we are all unique and all situations are unique - it’s recommended you consult with a Naturopath for a thorough and personalised consultation to understand what underlying factors may be at play and to provide a treatment approach specific to you.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or are interested in booking an appointment to support your postnatal health, please get in touch today. I'm here to support you every step of the way.



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